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Thoughts on Animal Rights

25 Feb

I don’t think of myself as an animal right’s activist…never have. I’m not on the PETA bandwagon, although I agree whole-heartedly that we shouldn’t be wearing animals as fashion. I read an article yesterday about a Seaworld trainer who tragically was killed by a Killer Whale. And while I’m a compassionate enough person to feel sad over it and say that my heart goes out to the family, I’m always a little angered over the fact that people ask, “How could this happen?” Well, people…we took a wild animal and stripped away every part of it’s natural habitat. I’m sure you’ve noticed that once an orca is taken into captivity, it’s dorsal fin curls over. And in all the years we’ve held them captive, and “studied” them we’ve never been able to scientifically prove why. It’s just so sad.

I read another woman’s blog and she mentioned how orcas communicate through sonar. Did you know that their calls are as loud as a jet plane’s engines and echo over many miles in the ocean? Now imagine you put that same animal in a confined tank…it’s like putting a person in a padded room and then telling them they’ll get treats for performing tricks. That is inhumanity at it’s finest. We can NOT recreate their habitat and to remove them from it and fault them for being “wild” is baffling to me. It’s sick that the very people who do it claim to be animal lovers. I can’t help but shake my head.