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These Boots Were Made For Walking…

29 Dec

Here’s a link to a video of Ava walking for those of you who haven’t seen it in person yet. She’s walking much better than this now though!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

29 Dec
I love, love, love the holidays! Our Christmas shopping got off to a really late start this year with us all being sick. I’m sad to say that I was still shopping the day before Christmas Eve. I NEVER do that. Mike has been working nonstop and I had to do all of the Christmas shopping alone and with Ava. She was such a trooper. I swear the people at the stores probably hated me though. I’m running like crazy through the stores trying to get gifts and little did I know that when I’d stop, Ava was busy pulling things off racks and shelves. I was at Linen’s N Things when I realized it and thought, “Crap…I wonder how many times she’s done this since we started shopping?” Oh well, what are you going to do.

Heather and JP came into town for Christmas and it’s the first time I’d seen JP in over a year. Holy frijoles has he lost some weight! He’s looking nice and svelte. Sexy! We had a great time over at the Lopez house on Friday night. The girls got crazy playing Kings, while the boys rolled their eyes at us…ALOT.
On Sunday, we went to Candy Cane Lane. Candy Cane Lane is a block of houses in El Segundo that go all out for Christmas. One house even had real snow in their front yard and were giving out sled rides. So Ava got to touch snow for the first time. She really didn’t know what to make of it but wanted more.
Then there was the frenzy that was Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to Anna’s house for dinner and gifts. I was scared to death because of course Ava picked this day to only take one nap for only one hour. Surprisingly she was an angel and made it all the way to 8:00 before the crankies set in. We came home, went to bed and woke up to go to Anna’s for Christmas breakfast. Then it was off to Sara’s for mimosa’s and gifts. We got home from her house, Ava and Daddy took naps. When they got up we went to my parents house for snacks and gifts. Ava’s favorite part of the day was sitting on top of the fish tank with the Snowmen.
Then Christmas Evening came and Heather and JP came over and we watch Bad Santa, drank wine and ate some food. It was so nice to entertain at our house and just sit around and talk. I can’t wait until they move closer…HINT HINT!

Well, here are all the pictures from Month 12:

The Big One

29 Dec

We finally were able to have Ava’s birthday party. We had a wonderful time. We cooked out some hamburgers and hot dogs and watched the birthday girl run around showing off. It was like the paparazzi was there…so many people taking pictures of her and she was happy to oblige. She got so many great gifts. I wish someone had gotten us a new apartment as a gift. We literally have to take some stuff to grandma’s to store, which has it’s upside. Every couple of months we’ll rotate the toys and then she’ll think she’s getting new stuff. I wonder how long this will work before she catches on.
A big thank you goes out to my dad for cooking, Tracey for getting the cake (twice), Sara for all her help, Barb for the yummy pasta salad and Anna for giving us the location!
Here’s the link to all of the pictures from her party:

Ava’s 1!!!!!!

12 Dec

What a year it’s been! Mike and I can’t believe our baby girl is already ONE!!!! It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed over the past year. She went from being a fragile little thing to being full of energy, personality and lots of love. She’s walking now and talking so much it scares me. I have no idea where she gets that from! Her two favorite things to say are: Hi Baby and No, No, No, No, No! She gives kisses and hugs and loves to dance and clap.

We were supposed to have her first birthday party over the weekend but lo and behold, she came down with the stomach flu on Wednesday night. If you ever wondered if celery is digested after being eaten, the answer is no. I can, of course, tell you this with firsthand knowledge. It’s amazing when you can figure out your child’s entire menu for the day with one bout of vomit. Fun times in the Caruso household. If that wasn’t bad enough, the day of her actual birthday, Mike and I both got the flu. I spent the first half of the day hugging the toilet praying to God that He let me live. He did. Whew! So I barely remember Ava’s first birthday, with all the fever, vomiting, chills and body aches. I think I managed to smile at her once or twice and sing her happy birthday, although it may have been in a foreign language. Well, I’m always one to look at the bright side of things and here is what I came up with: (1) She’ll never remember it. (2) We have a great first birthday story, and (3) I lost the last of my baby weight! HELLO UPSIDE!!!!

Her birthday party has been rescheduled for this weekend so look for another update with all the photos from that. I leave you with a then and now picture. (Notice her new birthday kitchen?!)



Join Ava’s Fan Club!

6 Dec

We have the first member of Ava’s fan club: Mimi’s!!! You too can walk around holding a picture of Ava. Join Ava’s fan club now!!!! Your membership comes complete with:

1) A black and white glossy of Miss Ava herself!
2) Access to all of the photos from her photo shoots.
3) A personalized email address:
4) An autographed VIP membership card
5) VIP seating at all Miss Ava’s events

If A Picture Says A Thousand Words…

3 Dec

Then almost 200 hundred of them says alot. It’s an illness, really it is. We just can’t help taking pictures of her. I think we do it in hopes that you’ll be able to capture her personality, but we’re learning that there are some things you just have to see in person. I finally found the time to upload all the pictures onto Shutterfly from months 10 and 11! The links are below. Here’s my favorite picture to date..