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Ahhh…The P-A-R-K

28 Mar

Ava absolutely loves going to the park and we are amazed at how independent she has become. It’s so hard for me to just let her go and let her take risks. I’m so scared she’s going to get hurt, but I know that this is also part of being a parent. I can’t always be there to catch her when she falls, I can’t always protect her from being hurt and I can’t be so overbearing that she doesn’t learn to stand on her own two feet. Learning comes from experience, not just words. So I let her climb the stairs and go down the slide alone. I let her run around without holding my hand. I let her put sand in her mouth so that she can learn that it tastes like crap. It’s part of her learning experience and I’m trying not to stand in the way of that. I try to only step in when I see she’s in danger. And as far as I’m concerned, eating sand might not be a bad thing. I’d like to think she’s exfoliating her insides. Here’s a great shot of her climbing through the tunnels.

Loving Her New Couch

28 Mar

So my mom and Mark gave Ava a gift card for Christmas and since the child has everything, we couldn’t decide what to buy her. She doesn’t need clothes, she doesn’t need toys. So we were at a loss until a couple of weeks ago when she took to liking sitting on the couch. It was so cute. She would just sit there and look back and forth at Mike and I so proud that she was sitting on the couch like mommy and daddy do. We’d ask her if she was sitting on the couch and she’d nod her head yes and get a big, cheesy smile. So the lightbulb went off in my head (stop laughing…it happens every once in a while) and I decided to get her a little couch with that gift card. Well, it turned out to be a good purchase…she LOVES it. Here’s a few shots of her hanging out on her new couch. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!!

Sitting Pretty
Legs Extended!
All Stretched Out!

Cream Cheese Lovin’

28 Mar

Ava had us cracking up the other day. Mike and I were eating bagels and Ava wanted a bite. We know this because she walks right up and says “Mmm, bite?” So I gave her a bite and she loved the cream cheese. She wanted to lick it off the top of the bagel. So we decided to give her a spoonfull. She just kept asking for more!

New Orleans Party!

28 Mar

A couple of weeks ago we went to a wonderful New Orleans Party at Ricky & Roya’s house. It was so great seeing them and seeing how big Anthony has gotten. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the three of the kids together but Ava had a great time passing out oranges from their orange tree in the back yard. Such a little helper! I’m proud to report she didn’t get any beads at this party.

Soup Nut!

16 Mar

You know…in our house the camera always has to be handy. We never know what we might catch. Sunday afternoon and Mike and I are both in the kitchen. He’s on his laptop, I was washing some dishes. Ava kept coming in and out of the kitchen. I wasn’t really paying much attention to what she was doing. She kept walking in and out, in and out. I get done and walk into the living room and this is what our coffee table looks like:

Yes…it’s items from our pantry. Here she is caught in the act:

Baby Crack

13 Mar

In Ava’s world bathtime is a great time, but what she really goes crazy for is LoLo (lotion). This video is a must-see. It’s baby crack to her.

Brotherly Love

13 Mar

Drew was in town in February and Ava LOVED him. Her whole goal while she was around him was to see how cute and charming she could be. She kept walking over and picking out books and bringing them back to him to read. She would sit right next to him on the couch and repeat the process when the book was finished. Here’s a couple of pictures of them together and a link below for the dancing video we filmed.

The Dancing Queen: