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Such a cute picture!

20 Jul

We just love this picture of Mimi & Ava walking down the street on the 4th of July. They wanted to do nothing but hold hands!

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Can’t Wait…

10 Jul

Okay…so I have our 4th of July post all typed up, just have to insert the pictures. However, I just couldn’t wait to post this picture. It is the first really great picture I think Ava and I have taken together. I heart this picture. It’s us watching the fireworks!

P.S. Working on a way to make it easier for me to update the site on a more regular basis…don’t know if it will pan out but I’m trying!!!

Fourth of July

10 Jul

We had a wonderful Fourth of July and hope you all did as well. We woke up and did our usual trek to Starbucks and then on over to Rec Park so Ava could play on the playground. In El Segundo, they put on quite the event for 4th of July. They have booths for the kids, pie eating contests, races, live music and all sorts of other activities. Well we got to the park at 8:30 in the morning and I noticed they were going to be having races for the kids around 10:30. I told Mike it was too bad we were there so early because I bet Ava would have fun in the race. He kind of shrugged it off. Well, 10:30 rolls around and we’re still there so we entered her in the race for the 12-24 month olds and wouldn’t you know it, she got 3rd place!!!!! She got beat by two little boys who looked a little older than her…I know…I’m making excuses. 🙂 But we were so proud of her. They gave her a 3rd place ribbon and everything.

After that we headed home for nap time. When Ava got up from her nap we took her to Art & Olga’s house in Hermosa. She saw the kiddie pool and it was all over!!! She was in the pool from 3-6 and cried when it was time to come out. We got her and Mimi’s dressed and headed off down the street to the block party…our biggest hope was that the jumper we’d been telling Ava about all day was going to be there. On the way there, Ava just had to hold Miranda’s hand. It was so cute to see these two little girls just walking down the street holding hands. Well, then Ava decided she had to hold BOTH of Mimi’s hands and they just walked sideways down the street holding hands. It was ADORABLE. We arrived at the block party and Ava was off and running in the jumper. That little girl has no fear. After about 40 minutes of jumping we decided to head back to the Lopez house. We had to deal with lots of tears from Ava and Miranda on that one. So much so that Mimi’s was so mad she wouldn’t even hold Ava’s hand on the way home, which made Ava cry harder. It was actually cute and comical.

Ahhhhh….fireworks!!!! I wasn’t too sure what Ava would think of them. It was 2 hours past her bedtime and I wasn’t holding out much hope that she would understand it or even care. Once again, she proved mommy wrong. The fireworks started and she got SOOOOO excited. I was holding her and her little legs were just a kickin and she was telling me they were so “Prilly” which is Ava-speak for pretty. Everytime some went off she would say, “More, More, More!”

Mike and I are pretty sure that the 4th of July was the best day she’s had yet in her 19 months of life. The first word out of her mouth the next morning was, “fireworks.”

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this long post and your 4th of July!!!!