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The first dinner…

25 Oct

I am so delinquent in updating my site and so much has happened that I need to write about, so you’ll see quite a few new posts coming your way. 2 awesome things happened:

  1. We got wireless internet so I can now update the site after Ava goes to bed.
  2. We got an external hard drive so I can start loading pictures onto our computer again.

So here goes:
JP and Heather had all of us over for dinner to break in the smoker that we all went in on. Tuti, JP and Mike broke it in and worked on coming up with names for their cooking team. I think so far the top name contender is: It’s All in the Wood. They think they are so funny! Here’s a picture of them cooking…

Unfortunately, I’ll have to continue posting later as the little monkey is climbing into my lap to help! Arggghhhh!!!!

They’re here!!! Finally!!!!

25 Oct

The long wait is finally over! Heather, JP and Sidney are now residents of Redondo Beach…approximately 4 miles from my doorstep to theirs. Simply awesome! It only took 6 years and literally hundreds of thousands of cell phone minutes to talk into it. 🙂 If you think I’m joking, Heather and I log about 2,000 cell minutes a month between the two of us. Heather and I met when she came out for a visit and I thought, “You know…I really like this girl.” So I called her and thus we formed a friendship despite 1800 miles between us. So I’m so happy that they are here. I feel like everything is my life is as it should be. Welcome Home!!!!

Ava’s Creative and Flirtatious

17 Oct

Ava loves fingerpainting and at Mimi’s 2nd birthday party Casie brought out the paint. Ava is not a dainty painter as you can see below.

Don’t you just love the handprint on the side of her head?
And what’s a party if there’s not a little bit of making out involved? Come here my love…
The hand on the shoulder just cracks me up! And Anthony’s face…he’s like, “Ummm, okay I guess we can kiss.”

As you can see from the pictures, Ava is a very affectionate little girl. That is one of the things I love most about her. She loves to cuddle or snuggle-bug as we call it, hug and give kisses to just about anyone who will take them.