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School Pictures

26 Jun

So here are Ava’s school pictures. If you want one, let me know which one you like and I’ll order it for you. And yes…she has marker on her jeans and bruises on her forehead. She’s my kid…did you expect anything less? I promise that we will get an external hard drive soon so I can get some new pictures up. She continues to amaze us with how bright and social she is. Dancing, reading and playing in the water are her new interests. She is talking up a storm and our favorite new phrase she says is, “No cry. Big Girl.” She says this after she gets out of her bath because we went through a phase where she cried when it was time to go to sleep. So now she tells us, “No cry. Big Girl,” every night before bed. Now if only she meant it! Ha!

Happy Girl

Elmo in a Chokehold

Ava’s classmates & Teachers

Strategically Placed

26 Jun

Sergio invited us to his birthday party via Someone made a comment (Steve Dombrowski??) that he was going to bring the midget strippers <— his words not mine. Well, Steve didn’t make it to the party but the midget stripper showed up! I’m sure Ava will kill me one day for posting this.