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Yay for Potty-training

2 Jun

We’ve been potty-training for a month or so. If you’re not a parent yet, you can’t possibly understand how exciting it is when your child goes on the potty. It’s almost like climbing Everest in the parenting world. Lots of cheering and pats on the back.

So on Sunday we pop into Carl’s Jr. for a bite to eat. We’re sitting there waiting for our food to arrive. Mike gets up to go the bathroom and I feel the need to specify that he just had to pee. So he leaves. The following conversation with Ava ensues:

Ava: Where did Daddy go?
Mommy: He went to the potty.
Ava: Oh yeah…Daddy got alot of poopy in his butt.
Mommy: (blushing and trying to avoid the looks from other diners) Shhhhh!

Mike comes out of the restroom and Ava feels the need to congratulate him.

Ava: Daddy, you go poopy in the potty? Yay Daddy!!! You did it!!!

Man…I tell ya…there are times when I want to crawl under tables. This was one of those moments, but at the same time. It still brings me tears of laughter. I just wish I had been the onlooker.