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5 Mar

Someone recently told me that I needed to start keeping track of all the cute things Ava says because one day, she won’t say them anymore. So I will update this particular post as often as I can think of all of the Ava-isms.

Ava Says: Three Mice Mens
Ava Means: Three Wise Men

Ava Says: I hold you mommy
Ava Means: You hold me mommy

Ava Says: Where’d Memo go?
Ava Means: Where’d Nemo go?

Ava Says: More chalk it
Ava Means: More chocolate

Ava Says: Get the bloops mommy
Ava Means: Clean in between my toes mommy
Footnote: Bloop is the sound I make while sliding my fingers in between her toes during bathtime.

Ava Says: There’s Wheep
Ava Means: There’s Owl
Footnote: She’s named the owl in Winnie the Pooh “Wheep” No idea why.

Ava Says: Oh shit.
Ava Means: Oh shit.
Mommy Thinks: Dang it…I’ve got to stop saying things like that in front of her.

Mommy Says: What does a starfish do?
Ava Says: Abso Nuttin
Ava Means: Absolutely nothing

Ava Says: Blow my dry hair
Ava Means: Blow dry my hair

Ava Says: Meemaw came on a rocket ship.
Ava Means: Meemaw came on an airplane.

Ava Says: Mommy, I love you so much.
Mommy Says: Why do you love me so much?
Ava Says: Because you’re everyday.
Ava Means: ????
If anyone wants to enlighten me on this, feel free.