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Are you kidding me?

16 Apr

So I’m browsing around the internet looking for unique baby shower ideas and came across this:

Have everyone write advice or some kind of fun message on a piece of paper and place it inside each diaper so at 3 in the morning, the new mommy or daddy can see something fun from their friends in the diaper!
Is this person serious? This is funny to me on so many levels. I’ll start by saying the person who came up with this idea has never changed a diaper at 3 in the morning. Here are my thoughts…

  1. The last thing a person with a newborn wants to do is get up at 3 am to change a diaper.
  2. If person has to get up to change a diaper, they sure as hell don’t want to read some “witty” or “charming” advice from a friend, who was probably drunk at your shower when they wrote it and probably are speaking out of their rear-ends because they don’t have children themselves.
  3. If you have a newborn and you’re up at 3 am changing a diaper, you’re probably sleep-deprived, in which case you’ll be lucky if you remember how to put the diaper on right, let alone read the sweet note your friend wrote. More than likely, your kid will have a nice, soggy hand-written note stuck to his butt when you get up at a normal hour (like 5 am) to change his diaper.

Now all you ladies out there, listen up. If ANYONE ever does this at your baby shower, accept the nice gesture and then get your sweet revenge. When you open that diaper, with the nice note at 3 am, give your friend a call right then and there to thank them for their advice. Let them know that you sincerely appreciate it and that being a new mom and sleep-deprived you thought you should call now so as not to forget to thank them.

Easter Sunday

9 Apr

I know Easter was awhile ago but I have two excuses as to why I’m just now posting:

1) Ava still wants to “help” me type and I really don’t think you want to “read” an entry with this description: ilasjdoripuaweorkasjdfjkanv ,mxd iopuaw903=48q235jnklwfmdlksdnmkl;sudf98w73q2403hj45klq2j34lr;kjskldfuaso9df8u

2) We’re beyond crazy…We have 12 gigs of pictures of Ava and thus our hard drive will not allow us to download any more pictures since we are now out of disk space. So we have to go buy an external hard drive and move the pictures off. Heaven forbid I delete any of them.

Easter was so much fun. I hadn’t had an Easter that was that fun since I was a kid. We got Ava all dressed up in a dress. Mike and I agreed that although she looked adorable, she also looked a little funny. She’s kind of a tomboy and the dress seemed out of place on her.

Aunt Anna and Jerilyn were so sweet and put together an Easter Egg hunt for Miss Ava. I thought we were going to have to show her what to do but she just walked right out into the yard and started putting the eggs in her basket. I think she’s a hoarder, Mike thinks I’m overthinking but I’m pretty sure she has some hoarding tendencies. Let’s hope we don’t see her on Oprah in 30 years! But here’s my proof:

Anna really outdid herself with dinner. She made these ribs, which were undeniably the best ribs I’ve EVER had. They were so good. I wanted to just keep eating and eating and eating. Ava enjoyed them too as you can see from this picture:

Here’s a link to all the easter pictures and some other misc. pictures. I’ll try to get the Easter Egg Hunt Video up soon.