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Little Vixen

30 Oct

So we took Ava to her friend Dylan’s 1st birthday party. I had no idea she was such a little flirt…okay…who am I kidding? I knew this. What I didn’t know was that she has learned how to make out with boys already. Where does she get this stuff? So first we get there and a little boy Andrew catches her eye. So they’re playing and he’s being a little shy. He reaches over and touches Ava’s arm and that was all she needed.

She goes in for kiss #1

Can we talk about how pleased she is with herself?

Next up is a little boy whose name we didn’t catch. Apparently it doesn’t matter if she knows their name, they just have to be cute and pay her a little bit of attention.

Their eyes lock…

She goes in for kiss #2

After all this making out, I decide it’s probably time to head home since I’m sure she’s probably caught a cold from someone. If you’ve ever been to a kid’s 1st birthday party, you know it’s a giant petri dish. So we go to say goodbye to the birthday boy. I swear I saw a moment between them. It may have been that they were both so shocked to see that someone beside themselves still didn’t have hair by the age of 1.

She goes in for kiss #3 (might I add there were tongues involved!!!)

I find this all very humorous as I know Mike is cleaning his gun as we speak.

Welcome to our blog!

16 Oct

Wow! I didn’t realize there was going to be so much pressure in writing this opening statement. I assume if you’ve got the website address, you already know us so I don’t need to go into detail there. We wanted to start this blog to keep our friends and family who are out of town in the loop on what’s going on in our lives. So I hope you enjoy it!

WARNING: This site will mostly be about Ava. You’ve been warned.