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A Year Later

30 Jan

Right after I had Ava, I joined a wonderful support group at Torrance Memorial called Mornings for Moms. The group was made up of about 8 moms who all had kids that were about a month old. We discussed topics such as breastfeeding, finding a daycare, how to manage taking care of a new baby and many other things. The group met for 6 weeks on Thursday mornings and I think that support group saved my sanity. Being a new mom was hard and a huge adjustment and to be around other moms that were going through what I was going through at the same time I was going through it, made my life seem normal again. A year later, we all keep in touch and although the topics have changed, the subjects have remained the same: how to raise our kids. We recently had a Mornings for Mom’s reunion and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve all changed and grown. I look forward to many more years of watching them grow! Here’s some pictures from our playdate!