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When making friends, tell them your weight

14 May

I cannot believe it’s Friday. I don’t know what happens to the days or weeks anymore…they seem to fly by in a blur and before I know it, it’s the middle of May! We started the week off with Ava’s first day at her new school. I was really nervous Monday morning. She has been so excited and so brave about the whole situation that I was really waiting for the impending breakdown or fear or something.

Monday morning came and she was excited as ever. Bouncing off the walls at 6:30 in the morning and so excited for school. As I was doing her hair she quieted down a little bit. She said to me, “Mom, it’s okay if people be nervous about making new friends, right?” So I explained to her that everyone is nervous when they start something new and have to meet new people. I told her starting a new school and meeting people wasn’t any different from introducing herself to everyone at Target (and I do mean everyone at Target). I told her that all she had to do is just introduce herself and ask their name.

We show up at her school and she’s sticking close to me, holding my hand. When we first arrive there was a mix-up about which classroom she’d be in and so I was trying to get everything sorted out. We were in her classroom and I was talking to the teacher and I feel her let go of my hand. I kept talking and in the background I hear, “Hi. I’m Ava. I’m 4 and I weigh 42 pounds. What’s your name?”

Maybe I empathize because I was the new kid so many times growing up, but I was so proud of her. I could feel her nervousness and I was so proud of her for letting go of my hand and taking the step of introducing herself on her own. It was brave of her. Life is good.

A Look Back

5 May

Google hosted video content is going to be removed so I received an email to make sure to pull all my videos off of there. It has been SOOOOO long since I’ve even checked to see what’s on there and when I came across this, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s so sweet to take a look back. Have you ever seen a little girl so excited about lotion?

She’s Ready…Me…Not So Much

4 May

I am so overcome with emotion…it’s that kind of emotion that just washes over me and I can’t seem to right myself from it. We are moving Ava to a new preschool. Not because there is anything wrong with her current preschool, it’s just that we want her to go to one closer to home and hopefully with kids she will go on to kindergarten with. The preschool is attached to the elementary school we want her to attend. It all makes perfect sense…it’s all completely logical…I know I’m doing the right thing. She’s so excited about her new school. She’s been talking about it for two weeks straight, counting down the days and trying to figure out how she can bring her current school friends and teachers with her to her new school. Her first idea was to add four driver’s seats to the car for the teachers and then put her friends in the trunk. I love her. And as logical as it all is, it doesn’t remove the emotion from the situation.

She is absolutely ready for this change. But that’s Ava…she embraces change and sees it as an adventure to experience. As adults, change is frightening. We stick to what we know, what’s comfortable and what will cause the least amount of ripples in our lives. We do this because it’s easy. And the minute we decide to make a change, we begin to question it. At least I do. But alas, I know I’m doing the right thing.

The school newsletter arrives and Ms. Jennifer, her current teacher, talks about Ava leaving and how much she and the class will miss her and how everyone needs to come say goodbye. Thus begins my trail of tears.

This morning I showed up to drop Ava off at school and was greeted by one of her teachers, Ms. Mal, and she started talking about how much she is going to miss Ava and I got a little choked up and told her that I couldn’t talk about it or I would start crying. So she leaned down and started giving Ava hugs and kisses…I think having her talk to me would’ve been easier than watching her love on Ava. Because you see, she really does love my child.

After dropping Ava with Ms. Mal, I went to Ava’s classroom to drop off her lunch bag and sign her in and I see this big white envelope in her folder with her name on it. So I grab it thinking it’s artwork and such. I walk to my car feeling a little nostalgic and sad. I open the envelope to find books and stickers and a card from another teacher, Ms. Lupe, and what she wrote on the card just touched me and the waterworks started:

Ava Jane Caruso

A fabulous child, amazingly intelligent, sweet and lovable.

I will miss you. I truly wish the best of the best for you in life and I believe you will be a successful child wherever you go. You have been a child that has touched my heart with your kindness and all the fantastic qualities you have.

 – Ms. Lupe

This was her first school…her first school friends…where she first learned to write her name….and to share (sometimes better than others). These teachers dealt with her sweet ways and her (sometimes very) bad days. They kissed boo-boos and broke up fights. They put her in time out when she misbehaved and rewarded her with praise when she didn’t. They stood by day in and day out to encourage her to learn and to work through her frustration when she couldn’t quite grasp concepts. 

In short, they mothered her…when I was working and couldn’t, they stepped in and they did oh so well. I’m so incredibly grateful for that.